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Is it good or bad? What does it mean?????? 

Posted on February/19/2012
Tagged as: Paul karofsky, Dave Karofsky, Max Adler,

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    EXTREMELY BRIEF?? Doesn’t leave a lot of time for a touching coming-out scene. Seems to leave just enough time for him...
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    I’m guessing a line-less shot in a reaction montage. Sitting in a hospital waiting room, maybe?
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    To me, Paul will know about Dave’s sexual orientation and he’s gonna confront him about it and he’ll give him his...
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    See…Dave can’t die, otherwise his dad’s scenes would be more substantial, right? Maybe Paul is the one hospitalized and...
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    Um…so that’s…um. What the ever living fuck constitutes as extremely, sorry…EXTREMELY BRIEF mean? He goes riding by on a...
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    I wonder if him highlighting “extremely brief” might mean that they wrote or filmed more scenes with him, but maybe they...
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    the theories are just brewing in my head now, not all of them are happy.
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    I consider the word “poignant” as “touching”/”important”. period. I don’t want to overanalyze it or i will never be able...
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    omg whats going on
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    Extremely brief?? WTF does that mean coz I’m fucking panicking right now??
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    hes gunna fuck blaines shit up then kurt and dave will ride off into the sunset. naked. THE END.
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    From this all I get is Dave coming out to his Dad :)

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